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3 Best Landing Spots for Tim Tebow

Let’s not sugar coat things. Tim Tebow’s worst nightmare (if he has them?) played out for all the world to see last season. His part in the situation, or rather debacle, in New York last season was well publicized, but was Tebow’s mishandling his own fault? Or that of the front office? More importantly, with Tebow seemingly on the way out of New York, just where might he land next season? They are considerably fewer teams interested now than there were when he came off his playoff performance with the Broncos over a year ago, but there are still a few teams that may benefit from Tebow’s presence. Here are three that may be a good fit for Tebow.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

Two months ago Jacksonville Jaguars GM David Caldwell said he didn’t see a scenario is which Tebow would end with the Jags, but considering they had almost zero production from the quarterback position last season and they only won two games, wouldn’t they at least consider it? Has Tebow’s stock really fallen that far?

Apparently the Jags are still very high on last year’s starter Blaine Gabbert and are willing to give him another shot in a new offensive system. Tebow may not be the best option out there, but bringing him in could only help the team by fueling some competition and inspiring Gabbert to play a little better. He may not be as motivated knowing that he’s already the “guy”.

And let’s not forget that Jacksonville is Tebow’s hometown. He would bring in a ton of fans and merchandise sales that could help the Jaguars brand. He would also bring more attention to the organization, although the bad comes with the good when it comes to the scrutiny surrounding Tebow.

2. New England Patriots

Obviously, with the Pats Tebow would be in the backup role, which may not be appealing. However, he would be a part of a great team that utilizes its role players better than any other team in the league. Tebow would play, maybe not an integral part, but at least an important one on a Super Bowl contending team.

The other big draw is the chance to work with Josh McDaniels again, the current Patriots offensive coordinator and the same guy that brought Tebow into Denver when he was the head coach there. McDaniels is one of the few guys who still believes in Tebow magic and if Tebow wants to go a team where he will be appreciated and respected, New England may be that team.

3. Arizona Cardinals

After the Chiefs filled their void at QB by trading for Alex Smith, the Cardinals suddenly became the team with the biggest need at the position. Neither Kevin Kolb or John Skelton worked out very well for Arizona last season and although they have plenty of other problems, they certainly need to find more production out of their quarterback.

Some teams will value their draft pick over a player like Tebow, but it’s not the best draft for quarterbacks this year and there’s no question that Tebow has valuable experience, even a little playoff experience that could help some of these weaker teams.

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