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4 Big Quarterback Question Marks

September 5 still seems like a long way away but teams are already scrambling in an attempt to figure out their quarterback situation.   With a draft class that was notoriously labeled as low on pro-quality quarterbacks, these supposedly sub-par rookie QBs are now in line to start for several teams.  Just because they are standing in line to be a starting quarterback, though, does not mean they are going to be calling audibles on day 1.

When Will EJ Manuel Take the Helm in Buffalo


The third team in New York state has gone through major shake ups in the offseason cutting loose Chan Gailey and replacing him with rookie head coach Doug Marrone.  It would make sense with Marrone being a rookie coach that he could go with the rookie quarterback, but he may also want the more veteran QB, Kevin Kolb, to take the helm.  It is definitely a big question mark.

Marrone has been praising Manuel in interviews so this may be a sign that Kolb’s days as a starter are numbered especially after the season he had last year.

Will Ponder last as the Vikings Starter


When looking at last year’s overall passer ratings Christian Ponder is among the worst  quarterbacks in the NFL.  His backup Matt Cassel had a significantly better passer rating.  Despite this stat, Leslie Frazier seems adamant that Ponder will be the starter for the Minnesota Vikings.  However, with a talent like Cassel waiting in the wings, Ponder does not have room for the type of poor play he exhibited last season otherwise he will find himself warming the bench.

Will Geno Smith Out Matt Sanchez as the Starter for the Jets?

We here at BettingSports have been extensively covering this quarterback controversy.  Here are the facts:

Rex Ryan is on the hot seat and if the New York Jets do not have a winning season he will likely be fired.

Matt Sanchez is getting paid like a starter (still) even after having a disaster of a season last year.

The Jets drafted Geno Smith in a position that suggests he will be starting.

Ryan has yet to make a public decision as to who he will start.

It has been reported that neither quarterback has been impressive during early practices (the word interceptions was said a lot).

Considering all of these factors it is pretty hard to predict who will start for the Jets come Week 1 of the regular season.  What it comes down to is this:  Does Ryan see Sanchez as the safe choice or does he see Smith as his last hope to remain a head coach?

The Eagles QB Situation?

The Philadelphia Eagles have four players that can make a legitimize case for starting for the Eagles:  Michael Vick, Matt Barkley, Nick Foles and Dennis Dixon.

Michael Vick’s run and gun style of quarterback play seems compatible on the surface.  However, he does not have the accuracy of a Colin Kaepernick or an RGIII and commits a high number of turnovers.

When Vick went down with an injury, rookie Nick Foles really stepped up and played well for the remainder of the season.  The thing his, given his young age, experience and offseason training will only make Foles a better player.

However, why would the Eagles draft a high profile quarterback like Matt Barkley if they do not plan on eventually playing him.  He is an incredibly accurate quarterback, but he does not have the speed Kelly normally looks for in a QB, yet he was hand-picked by Kelly in the draft.  Matt Barkley in an Eagle uniform is indeed a conundrum.

Lastly, the Eagles could very well go with Dixon.  Kelly coached Dixon in college and the two are very familiar with each other and Dixon would not have the learning curve that the other QBs have when it comes to Kelly’s system.

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