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A “Big 3” Breakup?


The initial headlines coming out of the 2014 NBA Finals were clear with praise for the San Antonio Spurs‘ historic fifth NBA Championship. However, the headlines in the days following seem to pertain to more how the Miami Heat didn’t win, as opposed to how the Spurs won.

More specifically, the headlines are all focused on if the “Big 3” will be returning to Miami. One player has made it perfectly clear that they want to stay in Miami.

I love working here. If you love your job, that’s what is most important. And we’re competing. We have a chance every year.

-Chris Bosh

Bosh looks like that if it is up to him he will be staying in Miami, which means he will, as coach Erik Spoelstra said he will do “whatever is necessary” to keep the Big 3 in Miami. It is not only up to him, though.

Dwyane Wade perhaps said a lot with his absence from yesterday afternoon’s press session in Miami. Wade as been quiet on the subject as to whether or not he will stay in Miami, which seems to suggest he will at least weigh other options, though his career is winding down and no other team, besides maybe the Spurs or the Oklahoma City Thunder, offer a better chance than the Heat at another NBA title before retirement.

But again his silence on the subject is interesting, to say the least.

Lebron James has been a lot less quiet on the subject of whether he is staying in Miami and while we are unlikely to see a hype-worthy sequel to The Decision, whether or not he will dawn a Heat jersey next year is up in the air.

We all would like, and that’s for any sport, And be able to control your future or your present.

-Lebron James

James added he “wasn’t sure” what the future holds, though, the choice of what happens is entirely up to him. He can opt out and judging by his words he is considering doing so, to at least see what offers come to the table.

So, Bosh has said he would stay if it was up to him, and why wouldn’t it be. Wade, at 32, does not have many options as far as playing for a championship team and he is unlikely to make more than $41.8 million that he is scheduled to make with the Heat over next two years with another franchise. James’ future is not so clear.

The only glimmer of hope for Heat fans was that Heat did continue to refer to the Heat as the collective “we” when discussing the team’s future but that is hardly confirmation of his future plans.

It is not just James’ words, either. James knows the Heat needs another piece in order to compete with the Spurs, who dominated the Heat in the Finals. However, that may mean James taking a pay cut so they can add that other piece. Is he willing to do that? Or is he more willing to walk away?

Those questions will not be answered any time soon, unfortunately. James said he planned on taking a long vacation, come back “clear headed” and talk with Bosh, Wade, Pat Riley and Spoelstra. These talks could take a while. But as Bosh said yesterday during the media day:

We’re patient people

And we’ll have to be patient as well.

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