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Aaron Donald Won’t Wear Face Shield This Season

Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald won’t be wearing the NFL’s new protective face shield when the season starts.

The league released a new Oakley designed face shield prior to the start of training camp. It is intended to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus when the players take to the field in September.

Although it is not mandatory, other high profile players like Seahawks QB Russell Wilson have started using it.

However, All-Pro Aaron Donald thinks that it will hamper his game too much and not ultimately protect him.


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“I need air when I’m out there, running around and breathing, with the long drives and stuff,” Aaron Donald said.

“I feel like we’re out there, we’re playing up close, there’s nothing you can really do – if a guy got it and I tackle the guy then I probably got it because he’s going to be sweating, spitting and slobbering right in my face … hopefully guys are just doing what they need to do.”

Perhaps he will change his mind when the second version of the guards are released. Considering that the league doesn’t quite have control over the players’ safety yet, all precautions must be considered. 

Dr. Jeff Crandall, chairman of the NFL’s Engineering Committee, said that the design is based on player feedback.


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“The player feedback was integral in coming up with this design,” Crandall said. 

“(Oakley) would start with this design and say, ‘Do you like this one better or this one? How’s your field of view on this one?’At the end, they did have feedback from players. This was their choice for the players they’ve evaluated so far. I think each player is going to have an evaluation for themselves in terms of exactly how they favor one concept versus another.”

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