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Aaron Hernandez Beat Up A Fellow Prisoner Who Was In Restraints



Earlier this week TMZ Sports reported that former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez had attacked another inmate at the Bristol County Jail, where he is currently incarcerated awaiting trail for the premeditated murder of Odin Lloyd, a former semi-professional football player and friend of Hernandez.

Much like background story that has developed about Hernandez himself in the months since he was charged and jailed for murder, as details continue to emerge from this incident, the circumstances of the attack have become more jarring with each additional report.

On day after the initial story, TMZ followed up with a post noting that the latest of Hernandez’s victims was in handcuffs at the time of the assault and, therefore, unable to defend himself from the seemingly unprovoked attack. Suppose that’s why he played offense, not defense.

Honestly, it’s impressive that Hernandez was able to carry out the assault at all, given that he’s been in solitary confinement since the time of his arrest in June 2013. The isolation was supposedly in “his best interest,” but perhaps he’s not the only one who benefits from it.

According to TMZ, Hernandez was “upset” about his victim “talking smack” to him—or about him—prior to the attack. So when the two encountered each other during an “isolated walk in a hallway,” Hernandez seized the opportunity and “beat the crap out of the guy.”

Apparently the incident lasted less than a minute, which doesn’t sound like a long time, but close your eyes and count to 60. While you do that, imagine your hands are cuffed behind your back and Aaron Hernandez is beating the shit out of you. It’ll feel a lot longer.

Aside from offering up that the assault lasted less than a minute, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson hasn’t said much else. The incident is still under investigation, much like the 2012 double murder Hernandez may or may not have been the trigger man.

Although, let’s face it, he definitely was the trigger man. If even part of the allegations against him turn out to be true, Hernandez might be the scariest and most criminally dangerous professional athlete in American history.

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