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Aaron Rodgers: Robert Saleh ‘Has The Right Sauce’

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers expects the Jets to win now, and considering what they gave up to recruit him, they agree.

Aaron Rodgers’ trade to the New York Jets was finally made official on Wednesday. The Jets traded a number of draft picks to acquire Rodgers including a 2024 conditional second round pick.

If Aaron Rodgers plays 65% of snaps in 2023, that will become the number one pick. It couldn’t be clearer, the New York Jets have forsaken the future to get an elite quarterback now.


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“They smoked us last year, so I knew they had a good team,” Rodgers said. “We got to practice against them a couple years ago, and I got to know (Jets coach) Robert (Saleh) a little bit more. I’ve always loved what he’s all about. We played him in San Fran a few times, mostly they got the best of us. 

“But I liked the way that he was leading, his coaching style. A big reason I’m here, I got to mention, is (Jets offensive coordinator) Nathaniel Hackett. Hackett and I became really close friends for three years in Green Bay. I love him like a brother, and I believe in him. I’m really happy to be back working with him again.


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“Obviously, (Jets general manager) Joe (Douglas) has got a great track record so far of drafting some incredible players. But it takes a system, and obviously Robert has the right sauce, so I’m excited about getting to work with him and Brick (defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich) and (defensive backs coach) Marquand (Manuel), former teammate of mine. It’s a great staff.

“I’m an old guy, so I want to be part of a team that can win it all, and I believe that this is a place that we can get that done.”

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