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ACC Preview

Below are a couple of games that I will be watching this Saturday brought to us by the ACC division.

Miami vs Notre Dame

On paper the Hurricanes are playing some solid offensive football.  They are averaging 35 points per game, a very impressive number.  The Hurricanes, though, have such a high average because they have yet to play a team with a good defense.

Enter Notre Dame.

Notre Dame has a 9 turnover ratio.  They had five interceptions against Michigan and if anyone can shut down Phillip Dorsett’s hot streak it would be the Notre Dame backfield.

I also sincerely doubt the Hurricanes will be able to put put up 30+ points against Notre Dame’s defense.  Notre Dame only has allowed an average of 9 points per game and are the third best defense in the nation.  This is also going to be a huge problem considering Miami’s defense also has allowed nearly 30 points on average.  This is going to be the day Miami’s defense is really going to have to step it up.

Th Hurricanes are huge underdogs in this match up, but if they can some how keep their offense rolling like they have in previous games they can pull out a huge upset, but running against Notre Dame’s defensive line seems unlikely and they simply are not going to be able to throw 500+ yards against this team.

Notre Dame is going to force Miami’s defense to win this game which is not good new for the mediocre Miami defense.

The sportsbook at betonline.com has the Hurricanes as huge underdogs.  If Miami some how pulls out the victory some risky betters stand to make a lot of money.  The point spread is -14 for Notre Dame and +14 for Miami.  The moneyline has Miami at +435 and Notre Dame at -540.   The over/under is at 54.

Virginia Tech vs North Carolina

The game between Virginia Tech and UNC is one of the most exciting ACC division game of the year.  Both these teams are 3-2 and both teams are looking to get their season back on track after wishy-washy starts.

The Hookies will need to continue to improve their run game to open up the pass against UNC.  Virgina Tech’s run game has been getting progressively better every week and it will have to continue to do so this week as well.

The Tar Heels will have no problem establishing their run game.  Giovani Bernard  returned  from injury a couple weeks ago and has been running pretty well.

UNC defense will be tough for the Hookies to overcome.  They have not allowed a score in 10 quarters.  The Tar Heels are ranked 35th in the nation in overall defense.  The Hookies will have to step up their offense against UNC to get some points on the board.

According to betonline.com, the point spread is +6.5 for Virginia Tech and -6.5 for the Tar Heels.  The Hookies moneyline is at +210 to UNC’s -250.  The over/under is at 50 points.

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