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Adam Silver Has Led on Covid-19 Since Start – Masai Ujiri

Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri says that NBA commissioner Adam Silver has been leading on Covid-19 since before the outbreak.

Adam Silver and the NBA have been credited with leading the way on coronavirus prevention measures for sport and society. The NBA was the first league to suspend it’s season, after which the rest followed.

In doing so, the NBA fast-tracked the conversation about quarantine, hygiene, social distancing and eventually, lockdown.

According to Ujiri, Adam Silver was discussing the implications of Covid-19 weeks before most people had even heard of it. 


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“After the meeting, Adam started talking about this virus,” Ujiri said. 

“And the way he talked about it, and how passionate he was about where this thing was going, it was incredible to see. In my mind, I have told this to my wife and now I am telling the whole world this, I can’t believe it, and I said, ‘Why is he being so dramatic about this?’ You think like that, you know? This is how serious this is, and this is how we have to pay attention to this. We have to stay home and social distance. … He had the foresight. He had the vision.

“It’s not only him starting this for the league, or other leagues, it opened [the problem] clearly [for the world]. That’s leadership.”


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Ujiri said ‘we miss the game’ and that he has faith in the league to find a way to resume the season. 

“I know with all the input his leadership team with the NBA, and how he directs it, we will come up with something great,” Ujiri said. 

“He’s taking all our input. I am confident that we’ll get back playing in some kind of way. We miss the game, man, we miss sports. We miss the game.”

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