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Adam Thielen: Lost My Emotions in Verbal Exchange with Belichick

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen was caught on camera having a heated exchange with New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick in Sunday’s game. The incident occured during the fourth quarter while New England was challenging a play.

Initially a first down was ruled by officials for Minnesota. It was at the 39-yard line of the Vikings after running back Latavius Murray rushed on fourth and inches for what appeared to be a one-yard gain with just over nine minutes remaining to play.

When the play ended, Patrick Chung a defensive back for the Patriots lay on the ground with what appeared to be an injury.

Later Adam Thielen said it appeared to be interesting timing that Chung went down injured. He was also upset that New England was given extra time to decide if they would challenge the play.


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Adam Thielen said following the game that it was a call that may have been reviewed and that he lost his emotions. Mics on the field picked up the receiver from the Vikings yelling it was “bull crap” toward the direction of New England’s bench after coach Belichick pulled out the challenge flag and tossed it onto the ground.

During the heated verbal exchange it appeared as if Belichick told Thielen to “shut the f–k up.”

Thielen was then escorted by an official back to Minnesota’s huddle.

Following the game, Thielen spoke about the incident. He said he had not been upset with Belichick but rather how the situation had played out. He added that he thought it was cheap, but was not directing his comments toward the Patriots coach. The challenge was eventually lost by New England.

Thielen said he and coach Belichick did not talk after the game. Although he was not upset after learning what New England’s coach had appeared to say toward him during the exchange.


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Thielen said emotions take over but that he would not change the way he plays the game.

Belichick was asked following the game about the exchange. Specifically, if what had taken place was just two competitors exchanging greetings for the holidays.

Belichick, with a slight smile, answered, “Yeah.”

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