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Adam Thielen On Culture Reset Under New HC Kevin O’Connell

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen is excited about the future under new head coach Kevin O’Connell.

Kevin O’ Connell takes the head coaching reins at Minnesota following a stint as assistant coach for the Rams.

With that Super Bowl winning experience, O’Connell has been able to rejuvenate the culture at Minnesota.

Adam Thielen, who is recovering from a season-ending ankle injury, is swept up by the optimism.


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“When you hear about the news (O’Connell being named head coach), you kind of look back at the track record and you look back at what (the Rams) did, and you’re excited, right?” Adam Thielen said. 

“But then you get in here, you start learning the system and you start getting on the field — really, when you get on the field and you start running through stuff, you’re like man, this is fun. This is exciting.

“When I talk about a breath of fresh air and kind of rejuvenation, it’s because when you get out here, it’s like stuff makes sense and it’s exciting.”


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“I feel fresh, I feel energetic, I think the culture that’s been created here is just a breath of fresh air. It just makes it exciting to be here and work.

“[The ankle] is great, it feels good to be out here and feeling young again, and fresh, and not having to worry about my ankle,” Thielen said. “To not be out there, it’s tough. … I’m not taking my reps out here for granted, because who knows when I’ll be done and won’t be able to play this game anymore.”

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