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AFC North: Implications From Today’s Games

All the AFC North teams have early games today.  Each game today has major implications for these teams as we pass the one quarter mark of the season.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are 3-1 going into their game against Kansas City Chief.  According to the odds at betonline.com, the Ravens are the favorites and anyone keeping up with football cal also tell you that Baltimore will likely win this game.

The Ravens are tied for first in their division and a decisive win over the Chief’s will help them gain some ground in the AFC North and could put them as the definitive leader of the division if the Bengals some how come up short in their game on Sunday.

Cincinnati Bengals

It is highly likely, though, that the Cincinnati Bengals and the Ravens will remain tied for another week as the odds have both teams pegged as winning each of their respective games.  The 3-1 Bengals will be playing the mediocre Dolphins.   Unless the Dolphins pull out a major upset, I expect the Bengals to move to 4-1 today.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers really need to get a victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.  They are 1-2 and if they are going to be major contenders this season they have to start getting on the right track today.

I am not saying it is now or never for the Steerlers as I will never count out a team led by Ben Roethlisberger, but a win today will make the Steelers job of getting back to playing solid football easier.

Cleavland Browns

The Cleavland Browns are 0-4.  The odds do not look good for them either as they prepare to go up against the offensive machine, the New York Giants.  The Browns desperately need a win considering they are winless as we surpass the quarter of a season played mark.

The Browns key to upsetting the Giants is offense.  Eli Manning accuracy as been awesome this season.  The Giants are going to score over the Brown defense period.  What the Browns can do is answer the Giants points with points of their own.

The Browns, though, will need to utilize both the pass and run game if they want to beat the Giants.

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