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AFC South Preview

The football season is winding down and a playoff picture is becoming clear.  Still every game counts for all teams whether they are playing for playoff hopes or looking to simply play spoiler for other teams.  The AFC South is no exception as Week 1 p6 Sunday promises to be an exciting day in football.

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs. New England Patriots

I want to say that despite their 2-12 record that the Jacksonville Jaguars have a good chance to handing the Patriots an upset loss on the second to the last game of the season.  I WANT to say that.  Unfortunately, I feel pretty comfortable completely predicting that the New England Patriots are are going to squash the Jaguars.

Looking at the odds seem to reaffirm my stance as the Patriots have a -14 point spread.  The money line to bet on the Patriots is at -860.  The money line for the Jaguars is at +650.  The over/under is at 51 points and I’m willing to bet that most of those points are going to come from the Patriots end of the ball.

Indianapolis Colts Vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Indianapolis Colts are going to the playoffs.  That is a sentence no one predicted anyone would be writing or saying this season.  Under Luck the Colts have surprised everybody.  In their second to last game the Colts will be taking on the Chiefs in a game that many expect the Colts to win.  The Chiefs are a lot better football team than that 2-12 records lets on, and we cannot forget how inconsistent the very young Colts team can be.

The point spread favors the Colts at -5 points.  The money line to bet on the Colts is at -220 and is at +190 to bet on the Chiefs.  The over/under is at 41.5.

Houston Texans Vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Houston Texans may be one of the best teams in the AFC.  A win today will also get them one step closer to getting home field advantage during the post season.  The Vikings are in a must win situation for their last two games in order to get to the playoffs.  Despite all these implications all eyes are going to be on Adrian Peterson who with every run is getting closer to breaking the season rushing record.

The Texans are the favorites to win this game with a -9 point spread.  The Texans money line is at -375.  The Vikings money line is at +315.  The over/under is at 44.

Tennessee Titans Vs. Green Bay Packers

The Tennessee Titans are riding high after spoiling the New York Jets playoff hopes.  They are running into a formidable opponent coming out of that win however in the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers are the -10.5 favorites to win, but they are not going to win with defense.  Aaron Rodgers will simply outscore the Titans offense if the Packers do win.  The Titans have a shot if they can keep up with Rodgers offense.  The Titans cannot be afraid to attack down field in this game and let Jake Locker throw the ball deep against the Packers weak pass defense.

The money line to bet on the Titans is at +475.  The money line for the Packers is at -605.

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