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AFC South Suday Preview

The AFC South picture is still an interesting one even though the Houston Texans have a commanding lead of the division.  There is still time for a wild card contender to emerge from the division.  The most likely candidate is the Indianapolis Colts who are currently sitting at 6-4.  Yet, momentum seems to be starting to swing the Tennessee Titans way with the return of Jake Locker.  The Titans are 4-6.  In order for them to keep their playoff hopes alive they will need to get every win from now till the end of the season, but they have an AFC South rival that would to spoil that for them today.

Titans versus Jaguars

This by all accounts should be an easy win for the Titans as they go up against the 1-9 Jacksonville Jaguars.  However, the Jaguars gave the Houston Texans a run for their money in a game last week that the Texans should have by all accounts and betting odds should have dominated.  Clearly the Jaguars have some fight left in them and are comfortable in their potential spoiler role for the rest of the season.

The Titans will need to come into this game and execute a simple strategy:  play a good game.  Give Locker the opportunity to make some simple passes and allow Chris Johnson to attack on the ground.  Win the game yard by yard and do not make any mistakes and this should be an easy win for the Titans.  The Jaguars, though, would love to spoil the Titans momentum with the returning Jake Locker and put an even larger damper on the Titans playoff hopes.

The Titans are the favorites in this match up with a -4 point spread.  The money line for the Titans is at -165.  The money line for the Jaguars is at +145.

Indianapolis Colts versus Buffalo Bills

The Colts should have no problem returning to form after an embarrassing loss to the New England Patriots last week.The Bills are 4-6 to the Colts 6-4 win/loss record.  We are getting to the point in the season where every win matters and despite the Bills losing record they have not gave up on their playoff hope and will be looking to add as many wins between now and the end of the season as they possibly can.

The Colts only real advantage is that they have Andrew Luck.  Luck has the capability to move the ball and put points on the board he even did it during the loss against the Patriots, Brady just did it better and had a weaker defense to throw against.  The Bills, though, have a real shot at beating the Colts.  The Colts defense is very weak particularly the defensive line.  The Bills could attack with the run game early on to open up the field for some passing later on.  This will be key if the Bills hope to outscore Luck.

The Colts are the 3 point favorites according to the spread. The Colts have a  -150 money line to the Bills +130 money line.

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