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AFC South Sunday Preview

Here is the thing about the AFC Wildcard, it is still wide open.  The only team that has emerged as a clear favorite in the AFC for a wild card spot is the Indianapolis Colts and as inconsistent as they are that could change by the time the playoffs roll around.  4-6 teams still have the chance to make the playoffs.  Every game counts in the AFC South, for one reason or another, is what I am saying.

Houston Texans versus Tennessee Titans

Let’s be honest here, the Tennessee Titans are the huge under dogs in this match.  The spread is -7 favoring the Houston Texans.  The Titans are also 0-3 in the AFC South and with a 4-7 record they are watching playoffs hope slip away with every loss.

The highlight of their team this season has been the resurgence of Chris Johnson who is averaging a near five yards per carry.  Johnson will likely have a big game against the Texans defense.  The run game will not be enough, though, for the Titans to take this one.  Jake Locker is going to have to finally play like a franchise quarter back and make some big plays.  The Titans need to roll him out of the pocket, his forte, and have him make some big throws.  This combined with Johnson will throw the Texans defense into disarray.

The Texans are going to get some offense with Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson.  The Titans hopes will have to come in the form of out scoring the Texans.

The Texans money line is at -330 with the Titans line at +265.

Jacksonville Jaguars versus Buffalo Bills

This is the tale of two teams with records so weak that the playoffs are out of reach.  That does not mean however that these teams are not going to play game to game and try to get every win possible.

Regardless of neither team being that explosive, this should prove to be an exciting game to watch.  The Jaguars are going to have to win against a 6 point spread, however.  Their money line is at +220.  The Buffalo Bills will be looking to stay in the playoff hunt with a win today.  Their money line is at -260.

Indianapolis Colts versus Detroit Lions

Another AFC South team finds themselves as the underdogs.  The Indianapolis Colts are going to have to win against a 7 point spread against the Detroit Lions.  The Colts have been underdogs in nearly all their games this season, however, and have continually surprised us.  For as good as they have played they have also had games where they have played equally bad.  For the Colts to win all depends on which Colts team shows up on the field today to play against the Lions.

The money line for the Colts is at +245 with the Lions money line at -290.


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