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AFC South: Texans look to shift NFL power to Houston

The Houston Texans are on the verge of becoming one of the best teams in the NFL. This week the 5-0 Texans take on the 2-3 Green Bay Packers. The game is the first real difficult test for the Texans thus far in the season, despite the struggles the Packers have had in their five games thus far.

On Monday night, the Texans won on the scoreboard 23-17, but lost in the injury department. The Texans allowed the score to be much closer than it really should have been. They out played the New York Jets and should have defeated them by at least two touchdowns.

Houston lost dearly in the injury department, as starting linebacker Brian Cushing was lost for the year with a torn ACL after being blocked in what can only be described as a borderline at best block.

The Texans will have home field advantage in the nationally televised Sunday night game and much more will be at stake for them than just increasing their record to 6-0.

The Packers would like to turn around their season with an upset over the Texans, while the Texans would love to defeat the franchise with the most storied history in the game.

Houston needs to play as if it is a must win for them. They will face AFC rival Baltimore the following week, which will be a tough test in itself.

If the game was played on paper it would be easy to pick a winner. Houston would easily defeat the Packers. Green Bay’s offensive line has allowed the second most sacks in the league. The Packers offense is pass first run second, yet they are only 15th in the league in total yardage on offense.

The defense for the Packers is mediocre or worse. The Green Bay defense is 22nd in touchdowns allowed through the air, 17th in both rushing and passing yards allowed and has no pass rush of any kind from its down linemen on defense.

Houston on defense needs to look out for Aaron Rogers and his receiving corps. The Packers’ receivers are probably the deepest group of receivers in all of the NFL.

Many believe a win by Houston would start the power shift in the NFL. While others believe a Super Bowl victory by Houston is the only true way to start that shift of power.

Houston must contend with Rogers who has completed 69% of his passes for over 260 yards per game. He has 10 touchdowns and only four interceptions, but people are still asking the reigning MVP of the league what is wrong.

The biggest problem Rogers has had this season is he cannot throw downfield while lying on his back. Currently Rogers is being sacked at a rate that is higher than at any other time in the NFL.

Key for the Houston offense will be Arian Foster their workhorse at running back. There might be better players at that position around the league, but few work as hard while on the field. He is leading the league in rushing attempts with 132 and is averaging 4 yards a carry. Foster also can stay in and block on passing plays or go out to catch a pass in the flat or over the middle.

On paper the game should be dominated by the Texans from start to finish. However, this game will not be played on paper. Nevertheless, the Texans have the defensive line to pressure Rogers and sack him enough times to stop the Packers.

The Texans will win and the power shift will begin.

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