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AFC West Week 2: Manning vs. Manning,Chiefs Real Test and More


As gimmicky as it may be, people like watching family drama unfold.  That is why when brother Eli Manning and Peyton Manning face off this Sunday it will likely get more attention than any of the other games this week.

Not sure why we are all excited, though.  If Week 1 was any preview as to how the New York Giants defense was going to play we should not be.  Tony Romo faced minimal resistance when lobbing the ball into the Giants secondary, meaning Peyton will likely have even less of problem.  Also, the Giants have some serious evaluations to make on offense as well, considering all the turnovers last week and their run game, or lack of one.

It is important to note that the Denver Broncos defense did not perform that great in Week 1 either, though.  This was overshadowed by Peyton’s record-setting seven touchdowns during the game.  However, Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens offense were able to score 27 points.  That is a lot of points for a defense to give up.  Perhaps if the Giants have their run game in order and Eli keeps his interception numbers minimal, New York may also have and easy time finding the end zone.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the AFC West the Kansas City Chiefs are begging to feel like contenders while sports analysts, like ourselves at BettingSports, are telling them to hold their horses.  If they did not completely dominate the Jacksonville Jaguars we would be concerned, they won 28-2.  A more accurate test of how the Alex Smith led Chiefs will play will come in Week 2 when they take on a team that is actually expected to win a few games, the Dallas Cowboys.


The Oakland Raiders did not look as bad as we expected them to in Week 1 against the Indianapolis Colts in a close 17-21 loss. The performance was good enough that I, personally, may be putting money on the Raiders going over the Jaguars, in a Week 2 game featuring the two teams with the least amount of talent in the NFL.

Lastly, the San Diego Chargers showed they are sill going to have problems finishing games, as they did last season.  In Week 1 they let the Houston Texans come back big in the second-half and defeat them.  They will be taking on the invigorated Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly says his offense is only going to get faster.  This means the Chargers are going to have a hard time keeping up, let alone maintaining a lead into the fourth quarter, which is something they struggle with anyway.

Keep checking back in with BettingSports throughout the week for more detailed previews of all these games and more.

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