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After George The Bulls Should Be Concerned About Derrick Rose

The FIBA USA team does not look so good at the moment. There is the Paul George injury and Kevin Durant backing out due to “physical and emotional” reasons. The team looks as though it is going to mostly rely on Derrick Rose to get the job done and that should worry the Chicago Bulls.

George’s injury was a freak accident but simply pointing that out does not and should not ease the concerns the Bulls have about Rose getting hurt before the NBA regular season even starts.

By all accounts Rose looks great.  He seems to have not missed a step. He is plowing up and down the court to make huge defensive blocks while rushing the basket to hit impossible layups on the offense. It is honestly like Rose was never seriously injured at all. That should also worry the Bulls.

Rose has stated in various interviews that he is going to dial it back and play more with his head than instinct in order to avoid injury.

“Of course, I wanted to prove everybody wrong last yea  I just wanted it too, too bad. And this time around, I just know that I’ve got to let the game come to me; go out there and just play.”

-Derrick Rose via CBS Sports’ Ken Berger


Rose may have said that but thus far during team USA’s scrimmages he has looked like his old self, which is both a blessing and a curse.

The Bulls have built around Rose, and it is fantastic that he is back to playing at an MVP level. However, if he is careless he could end up injured again and out for another season. What makes it worse is that he could get injured in games that do not help the Bulls get a championship.


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