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AJ Brown: ‘We Weren’t The Best Team In The League’

Eagles WR AJ Brown admits Philadelphia were ‘scratching away getting wins’ during their blistering start to the 2023 season.

Amid their late season collapse, a rift between AJ Brown and quarterback Jalen Hurts was speculated on. Brown says the Eagles failed because the players didn’t execute, and for no other reason.

The Eagles made a dominant start to 2023, winning 10 out of their first 11 games. However, they went on to finish the season 1-5.


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“You know, I think that’s sort of BS. I’m not going to get into me and his relationship on the air,” AJ Brown said. 

“But it’s total BS, you know what I’m saying. It wasn’t a problem when I was on my six-game streak. They weren’t talking about that then, so they only started talking about that when we started losing. Of course, you see friction from everybody, from the coaches, the players and from everybody. So, there you go.”

“Like I said earlier in the season or after the season, players weren’t executing like I said in the interview,” Brown explained. “That’s what it came down to. I think the media kind of ran with the coaches like it was the coaches’ fault or the coaches didn’t prepare us. I never blamed the coaches, and I’m not the person to blame a coach. I’m not trying to blame anyone.”


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“I’m the guy that’s going to look in the mirror and go challenge everyone else. It was the players not executing and that’s what happened. If you look back closely, like Ike said earlier we were playing like the best team in the league. We weren’t. We may have had the best record in the league, but we weren’t playing like the best team in the league. It was like that all year. We were scratching away getting wins.”

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