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Always Injured Kevin Kolb is Injured…Again

Same story, different team.

Same story, different team.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Kevin Kolb, who was signed in the off-season, suffered a serious setback in his attempt to win the starting job over rookie E.J. Manuel, going down with an almost certain concussion in the first quarter of a loss to the Washington Redskins.

After scrambling for 8-yards, Kolb took a knee to the back of the helmet, but remained in the game for four more plays before being pulled. In his post-game press conference Bills coach Doug Marrone said he was still waiting to hear from team doctors for additional information on what he knew to be concussion-like symptoms.

Unfortunately for Kolb, he’s no stranger to those symptoms—he’s no stranger to concussions in general. They’ve plagued him throughout his career, ultimately costing him a starting job with the Philadelphia Eagles and preventing him from ever earning even semi-permanent starting status with the Arizona Cardinals.

Granted…the loads of interceptions and fumbles Kolb was responsible for whenever he actually managed to stay on the field probably had something to do with him not starting too. Crippling inefficiency and constant turnovers, combined with the concussions—not an ideal mix for an NFL QB.

The bad news doesn’t end there for the Bills.

Kolb was only starting to begin with because Manuel went down with a knee injury in the last game and is out through the rest of the preseason. And considering he’s a rookie, rushing him into a start on a knee that is anything less than 100 percent is a risk they may not want to take in Buffalo.

With Kolb going down and Manuel’s status for Week 1 in question, Coach Marrone said they are likely going to bring in some free agents over the next week or so.

The Bills managed to avert at least one disaster though. After scoring a 2-yard touchdown against the ‘Skins, starting running back C.J. Spiller, whose presence is going to be absolutely vital considering the QB situation, clutched his right knee in obvious pain.

Spiller was out for the remainder of the first quarter, but returned in the second. Any fans fearing the worst were relieved to learn the injury was just a cut caused by contact with another player’s spike. Spiller didn’t miss a beat—he looked just fine through the rest of the game.

So ultimately the Bills are really no worse for the wear. Kolb was, and remains, a long shot at best to earn the starting job this season.

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