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American League Cy Young and MVP Odds

Yesterday Bovada released their Cy Young and MVP odds.   So today we are going to hone in on the American League and analyze the odds for both these coveted awards.

AL Cy Young Awards

Clay Buchholz (BOS)                 11/4

Yu Darvish (TEX)                        13/4

Justin Verlander (DET)                5/1

Felix Hernandez (SEA)               6/1

Matt Moore (TB)                         10/1

C.C. Sabathia (NYY)                  10/1

Jon Lester (BOS)                       15/1

Anibal Sanchez (DET)                15/1

Doug Fister (DET)                      18/1

Max Scherzer (DET)                   18/1

Ervin Santana (KC)                     18/1

Hiwashi Iwakuma (SEA)             25/1

Jim Johnson (BAL)                     33/1

Hiroki Kuroda (NYY)                   33/1

Derek Holland (TEX)                   33/1

R.A. Dickey (TOR)                     100/1

While a lot of other aces like Justin Verlander and Felix Hernandez, right now the early leaders for the race to the AL Cy Young Award is between two players.

Boston Red Sox ace Clay Buchholz finds himself atop the odds at this moment and with good reason.  He has seven wins under his belt and zero losses thus far in the season.  He is averaging eight strike outs a game and his ERA on the season is an astounding 1.60.  Buchholz seven consecutive wins puts makes him only the sixth pitcher in Red Sox history to have such a start.  He now only trails Babe Ruth in most consecutive starts won by a pitcher.

Right behind Buchholz in the odds is Yu Darvish, who just finished up a sweep of Buchholz’s Red Sox.  Darvish’s ERA is not as good as Bucholz, currently at 2.56 on the season.  He also has lost one out of seven games compared to Buchholz’s flawless record.  However, Darvish is a strike out machine.  He averages over 10 strike outs a game with a whopping 72 strikeouts in just seven games.  Darvish has pitched four out of seven games getting ten strikeouts or more.


Miguel Cabrera (DET)                 2/1

Chris Davis (BAL)                       5/1

Robinson Cano (NYY)                11/2

Ian Kinsler (TEX)                        15/2

Prince Fielder (DET)                   10/1

Adam Jones (BAL)                     12/1

Mike Trout (LAA)                        12/1

Carlos Santana (CLE)                 12/1

Albert Pujols (LAA)                    15/1

Mike Napoli (BOS)                     20/1

Yu Darvish (TEX)                        20/1

Clay Buchholz (BOS)                 20/1

Evan Longoria (TB)                     25/1

Josh Hamilton (LAA)                  25/1

Adrian Beltre (TEX)                     33/1

Miguel Cabrera finds himself securely at the top of the AL MVP odds.  His status as MVP, however, completely depend upon how well the Detroit Tigers do for the rest of the season.  After a lot of questions at the opening of the season, the Tigers seem to be on track and looking like the team that many of us have pegged to win it all this season.  Cabrera all ready has six home runs this season and is an exciting player that commands attention.  Anyone who demands that much attention and is that flashy of a player will be a major MVP contender as long as they can keep it up all season long.

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