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Andre Iguodala: Golden State Warriors “Respect the Game”

Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala says that his team aren’t ruining the NBA. In fact, he sees the Warriors as both a sporting and a business success.

There are a few sports teams around the world who simply recruit the top talent in the game. It’s easy to see why this leads to sour grapes, or questions about the sporting integrity of that approach. However, you cannot deny it works, and Andre Iguodala is proud of his team for what they’re doing.

“In every sector of business, it’s really hard to build something where you can get on a good run,” Andre Iguodala said.

“In sports, it’s even harder because you only have a small window for an athletic career. It would be hard to match what Warren Buffett or Steve Jobs at Apple or Microsoft or any of these companies have been doing well for a really long time. And even in those industries, eventually there’s disruption. Look at taxi cabs: that was a huge business until Uber came in.”


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It’s no surprise to hear Iguodala espouse the commercial values of the Golden State Warriors. After all, he is one of their angel investors. Though this doesn’t mean that he’s lost his love for the game, as he outlines:


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“For us, we understand that we have a tight window to build a certain type of culture that will attract athletes like DeMarcus Cousins. To where he will say [that joining the Warriors] is his ‘perfect chess move.

“What we’re doing is playing basketball the right way,” Iguodala added. “We’re attracting a lot of people because they like the way we do things organically. We respect the game.”


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