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Andrew Bogut: LeBron Jumped into Cameraman

betting 1The Golden State Warriors won Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night to tie the best of seven series at 2-2 with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Game 5 is scheduled for Sunday at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.

Late in the first half of Game 4, LeBron James was fouled while attempting a shot under the basket and his momentum carried him into cameramen who were on the baseline. He cut his head quite significantly in the incident.

However, Andrew Bogut the Warriors big man says only LeBron can blame himself for cutting his head. When the star of the Cavaliers went flying into the cameraman the puzzling part was how he arrived there. Bogut was the one who gave LeBron a strong foul while he was driving the baseline. James appeared to come down vertically before taking a pair of steps towards the cameraman before crashing into him.

Bogut says LeBron jumped into the cameraman because he did not foul the Cleveland star all that hard. A reporter answer Bogut by saying that is how you saw it, and Bogut quickly replied, “No, that is how it happened.”

The Warriors big man says that is how he saw, how his teammates saw it and how his coaches saw it.

Due to how big the stakes are in the NBA Finals it would not surprise anyone if what LeBron was doing was exaggerating the foul hoping for a Flagrant 2 foul to be called.

An announcer calling the call for ESPN just said that James lost his balance.

After the incident, James shot his two free throws and then had medical personnel treat him. His head required stitches but he was not required to go through any concussion protocol by the NBA.

James entered Game 4 with a scoring average of 41 points per game, while rebounding 12 per game and averaging 8 assists.

On Thursday, he scored just 20 points grabbed 12 boards and handed out 8 assists.

Things will not get any easier for James and his Cavaliers teammates. The Warriors were able to regroup in Game 4 and beat Cleveland handily by 21 points. The Warriors looked more fluid, ran the floor well and appeared not worried about how quickly or how often they took shots, having the confidence they would make enough to win.

The Warriors were given a boost when Andre Iguodala started and was able to play LeBron defensively. Steve Kerr the Warriors head coach said following the game that Iggy had been the team’s best player through the first four games of the series. What was startling when Kerr replaced center Bogut with Iguodala, was it was the first time the entire season the Warriors had changed their starting lineup for anything other than injuries.

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