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Andrew Luck Has No Answer For Jets’ D Line


The New York Jets executed their game plan to perfection in a road win against the Indianapolis Colts on Monday Night Football.

Behind a clock-chewing offense, stout secondary play and a defensive line that monstered the Colts and fourth year quarterback Andrew Luck, the unlikely undefeated Jets cruised to a 20-7 victory.

New York’s front four never let Luck get into rythym, forcing him into 37 passing attempts for just 250 yards and 3 interceptions, with a pair of backbreaking fumbles thrown in for good measure.

Every one of Luck’s untimely picks were caused by a defensive lineman either right in his face or smacking him from the side. It was only Luck’s impressive mobility inside the pocket that kept him from looking like a cartoonized pancake by the end of the night, with his offensive line consistently failing to stifle four-man rushes from the Jets.

With the Jets able to create adequate pressure with their ridiculously talented front four – including Muhammad Wilkerson and explosive rookie Leonard Williams – their secondary was able to sit back and do their job all night.

And when corners like Darrelle Revis and Buster Skrine can trust that the opposition quarterback won’t be feeling too pass happy that night, the game is already half over.

Make no mistake; Luck remains an absolute monster in the pocket. Despite all the pressure, the Jets didn’t record a single sack during the course of the game.

The 240-pounder’s ability to still get passes away despite linemen dragging him down by the shoulders is arguably even more impressive than prime Ben Roethlisberger, and was perhaps the only factor that helped Indy’s offense avoid the impending boo birds Lucas Oil Stadium.

Unfortunately for him, each of those throwaways ended in some variation of an interception, incompletion or intentional grounding call.

As for the Jets, their five turnovers in each of their first two games have them primed for another big performance at home against the Eagles; a bunch of pretenders coming off one of the most disgraceful offensive displays in NFL history last week.

Dominant defense and sustainable drives appear to be the key for Todd Bowles’ unit in 2015. Whether they can mount a serious challenge to the long-ruling Patriots in the AFC East remains to be seen.

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