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Andrew Whitworth In Bittersweet Super Bowl Reunion With Bengals

When Super Bowl 56 begins, left tackle Andrew Whitworth must try to remember that he plays for the Rams.

Such is the 40-year-old’s jubilation for his former team, the Cincinnati Bengals, Andrew Whitworth couldn’t be happier for them.

Andrew Whitworth spent the first 11 seasons of his career in Cincinnati after being drafted out of LSU in 2006.

Then, the Bengals were capable of making the playoffs without advancing. They made six wild card exits during Whitworth’s time there.


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Cincinnati won its first playoff games in 31 years on the way to the Super Bowl clash with the Los Angeles Rams.

“I have obviously heard from a ton of people over there and it’s really cool and really special,” Whitworth said earlier this week. “Having a relationship with a lot of the staff over there still and some of the players and obviously all the relationships that we had over our time there in the city, it’s a really special place to us.

“It’s been amazing,” Whitworth added. “Still have some great relationships there. I’ve developed some new ones with different guys in that locker room. I think my wife and I just watching them from afar, it’s been so exciting. We’re tuned in the whole time.

“I was so amped for the [NFC Championship] game [Sunday] but then also at the same time I hardly couldn’t stop looking at the screen because I knew how close they were to pulling it off. What an awesome accomplishment that is.”


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“Having a guy like Zac Taylor here and knowing who he is and being excited about him going there, I can remember that decision back when we were going to that Super Bowl the first time,” Whitworth said. 

“I was excited for him and excited for the city of Cincinnati. Even more so now I think that they get to see what a great guy Zac Taylor is, what a leader he is and what a great coach he is. And also obviously this great young talent they’ve added and how special Joe Burrow is.”

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