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Another Baltimore Raven Arrested

According to the Baltimore Sun, cornerback Jimmy Smith was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct Sunday night, making him the fifth Baltimore Raven to be arrested this offseason.

Smith was cited for failure to obey a lawful order of a police officer following an incident at The Green Turtle in Towson. When authorities arrived at the scene, they said Smith was found in the bathroom with an intoxicated woman.

The two had reportedly done a photo shoot together earlier that day and Smith was assisting her in some way as she vomited into a sink. Through their investigation, police found what they believed to be a bag of cocaine in the drunk woman’s purse.

Although the woman was in possession of the drugs, she has not been charged.

Smith, however, was apparently combative with police and medics on the scene. When asked to leave so that medical personnel could attend to the woman, he refused and insisted he was already helping her.

Per the Baltimore Sun: 

According to the police report, Smith was asked three times by an officer to leave the restroom before being ushered out into the hallway. Smith allegedly cursed at the arrested officer and asked him “What the [expletive] are you gonna do?” When told to leave, Smith replied: “[Expletive] you. What the [expletive] are you gonna do?”

Because he was uncooperative and confrontational, police placed him in handcuffs and transported him to the Towson station. Upon arrival Smith told one of the officers, “The only reason you arrested me is so you could get on the news.”

After Smith played the “Don’t you know who I am?!?!?!” card, one officer told him that he was unaware of who he was and that it played no role in his arrest. Smith then replied, “You will see this [Sunday] on ESPN.”

Though he was unpleasant at the scene and upon his arrest, Baltimore County police said that ultimately he began cooperating and was released around 11:15 p.m. with a citation. A court date is still pending.

The woman who triggered the initial call was transported to a local hospital.

Smith’s incident makes him the fifth Raven to be arrested this offseason. Per the Baltimore Sun: 

Running back Ray Rice (felony aggravated assault, Atlantic City, N.J., accepted into pretrial diversion program), offensive lineman Jah Reid (misdemeanor battery, Key West, Fla., accepted into pretrial diversion program), wide receiver Deonte Thompson (felony possession of marijuana, Gainesville, Fla., case dismissed) and rookie running back Lorenzo Taliaferro (misdemeanor destruction of property, drunk and disorderly, Williamsburg, Va., case pending with July 31 court date).

This is Smith’s first run in with the law since being drafted by the Ravens three years ago, though “character issues” were a concern for him coming into the league. He had previous been cited for third-degree assault and underage drinking violations.

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