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Anthony Richardson Returning To Full Fitness

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson says he’s a ‘rookie at heart’ as he rehabs from season-ending shoulder surgery.

The 2023 No.4 overall pick showed promising glimpses of talent before sustaining injury after four starts. Luckily for Anthony Richardson (22), he’s still younger than the majority of QBs who will feature in the upcoming draft.

With time on his side, he’s confident he can show the NFL what he’s capable of. His combination of anticipation, legginess and a big arm is certainly enticing.


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“I’ve never waited this long to get back to playing football,” Richardson said.

“I’m just on a mission this year. Once that mission’s complete, then I’ll be good.”

Anthony Richardson started throwing again in February, and currently throws around 40 passes a day. 

If there’s one positive from spending so much time injured, it’s that Richardson has had time to learn about the league. He says he’s ready to lead the Colts once he’s fit next season.


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“People didn’t really get to see everything I could do on the field,” said. 

“So, it’s kind of like a rookie season for me still. But now I’ve gained a lot more knowledge and understanding about football and the NFL. So, I’m a rookie at heart, but now I’m slowly turning into the leader that my team needs me to be. I’m ready for every opportunity that’s in front of me.”

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