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Antonio Brown Continues to Act Out with Second Grievance

The Antonio Brown drama continues to rumble on with seemingly no end in sight.

The Oakland Raiders wide receiver has been acting out and missing team activities since the end of the 2018 season. That stretches back to his final days with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Since that time, one of the hardest-working and talented NFL players has transformed into one of the most problematic.

Brown’s problematic social media use had been irking the Steelers’ players and staff since early 2017. This ultimately culminated in an argument with his teammates and his exclusion from the team at the end of 2018.

In March, he was traded to the Oakland Raiders in a move that was hoped would end all the drama.


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However, headlines about Antonio Brown missing team activities began to rear their head over the summer.

At first, it was put down to his frostbitten feet. Soon, however, the true histrionics revealed themselves. On August 12, Antonio Brown was denied a grievance with the NFL over his refusal to wear a new helmet. Brown was seeking permission to continue to wear his old one, and threatened to retire and sue the league.

A week later, reports say that Brown will file another grievance with over his problems with the new helmets.


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Brown argues that he should be allowed a years grace period before switching helmets, as other players have. The fact that he missed much of last season’s adjustment period as a result of his own actions seems lost on him.

Last week, Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden threw his support behind Antonio Brown. However, with a new season on the horizon, patience may soon run out. Can he rediscover his love for the game?

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