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Antonio Cromartie Targets Kellen Winslow Jr. in Bitter Twitter Exchange

Images courtesy of Zimbio

Images courtesy of Zimbio

On Wednesday morning Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie and unemployed showboating soldier Kellen Winslow Jr., who used to play in the NFL, got into a bitter Twitter spat over something stupid that never should have been said in the first place and involves precisely neither of them.

This comes as no surprise, considering neither of these guys should have Twitter accounts. Actually, Cromartie shouldn’t be on social media because he has a penchant for running his mouth and a high profile job. Winslow has nothing else to do, so let the man have his tweeting.

It actually all started last week when Cromartie, just to be a dick, decided to go off on Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. Then for some reason today, Winslow, who played with Cromartie in New York in 2013, started saying things to his former teammate on Twitter.

Less than an hour later Cromartie hit back where it hurt, referencing a particularly embarrassing incident from last year in which Winslow was allegedly busted in his SUV with a jar of Vaseline…pleasuring himself…outside a Target. It happened in East Hanover, New Jersey, in December 2014.

Boom! Shots fired!

Cromartie took Winslow down with one shot, and didn’t even bother going back for seconds. Winslow, however, with nothing but time on his hands, misfired three more times, before finally realizing he had embarrassed himself enough and just packed it in.

Dude. Just…stop.

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