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Austin Ekeler: Remaining With Chargers ‘Worst Case Scenario’

Running back Austin Ekeler no longer feels valued by the only NFL team he’s ever played for in his career. 

Austin Ekeler has been with the Los Angeles Chargers since 2017, and has permission to seek a trade. 

In each of the last two seasons, Austin Ekeler led the league in total touchdowns. However, neither the Chargers or any other team are queuing up to give him the big contract he wants. With one year left, he may have to wait until he can enter free agency.


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“When it comes down to what’s going on with the whole trade and all that stuff, really, look, we’re trying to find a long-term partner,” Ekeler said. 

“That’s what we want. We want someone who wants to sign us for a few years and sees us not just in the immediate future, but a couple years out. Once everything halted with the Chargers, alright, it was time to go and see if we can find value somewhere else because they just kind of showed that they weren’t interested at that time.

“Time will play out. Who knows? We’ll see what happens with the draft. But it’s a situation where, look, if a team wants me in the long term, it’s a year where they’ll have to give up picks and then I’ll have to renegotiate, so that’s kind of playing into it for sure. But we’ll see, like I said. Time will tell, and we’ll see what happens after the draft.”


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“Look, I guess the worst-case scenario right now out of all of it, I’ll come back and I’ll have to play for the Chargers for a year and bet on myself and then be a free agent next year.”

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