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Baltimore Ravens Fined $200,000 by NFL

The Baltimore Ravens are in trouble, again. The Baltimore Ravens have been fined $200,000 for violating an NFL rule, they announced on Wednesday.

They have been punished for breaking the NFL’s coach-to-player communications policy during the 2018 preseason.

According to the league rules, only one player is permitted to have coach-to-player capabilities in their helmet. During the 2018 preseason, they reportedly had multiple players with coach-to-player communication technology in their helmets.

According to the Baltimore Ravens, they were confused about whether or not that was a rule for preseason games.


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“The Ravens’ equipment staff misunderstood that this league rule applied in the preseason,” the team said in a statement. “Ravens coaches were unaware that multiple players had communication devices in their helmets while on the field at the same time.”

You can understand why the league has come down on them, as the statement doesn’t add up. Was it the rule they were confused about, or the number of players with communication technology in their helmets?


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In total, the Ravens have now paid $350,000 to the NFL in fines this year. In addition to this $200,000 figure, they paid $150,000 back in June.

Owner Steve Bisciotti ($100,00) and coach John Harbaugh ($50,000) were fined when Baltimore was found to be in violation of the CBA’s offseason workout rules. As well as that, the team had to forfeit two OTA practices as part of the punishment.

You would think they might have learned their lesson, as they were fined for similar offenses back in 2016. They were fined $480,000 for violating OTA rules, and had for forfeit three OTA practices. John Harbaugh also paid a fine of $137,223.

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