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Baylor Bears Tight End Down to 403 Pounds

Art Briles the head coach for the Baylor Bears has announced that tight end LaQuan McGowan who it 6-foot-8 has slimmed down to just 403 pounds.

There is good news and bad news for secondaries in the Big 12 this upcoming season.

Those secondaries opposing the Baylor Bears should be relieved to know that the Bears tight end LaQuan McGowan has shed a significant number of pounds this offseason, which is the good news, but the bad news is McGowan’s trimmed down weight is still a hefty and scary 403 pounds.

Briles spoke about McGowan and his progress of getting down to playing weight during media day on Tuesday. According to a report by a national sports agency, Briles said hit tight end had dropped to 403 pounds since the end of this past season.

What is scary is that Briles was not joking or being completely facetious, as McGowan was as high as 440 pounds last season with pads on in January.

Once you have taken off the weight of his pads, which at maximum is 15 pounds, McGowan has lost 25 pounds, which is sizeable for someone during the offseason.

This means the tight end could be quicker and faster during the upcoming season, which is a scary thought for anyone who saw him waltz in for a touchdown untouched during the Cotton Bowl versus Michigan State.

Briles said he would keep his tight end to a limited number of plays, which could be just out of mercy for the players who will have to attempt to tackle him in the opposing secondaries of the Big 12.

Having McGowan on the roster is a form of luxury that is reserved only for college football programs. No coach should be allowed to carry on his roster a 6-foot-8, 400-plus pound player who sits patiently on the bench waiting to enter for passing patterns in the red-zone.

However, that is just the case, as McGowan will be used to carve up and possibly maim the opposing players who have the crazy thought of trying to bring him down in the open field or have him land on them after being force tackled by half the defensive unit.

Baylor is expected once again to have a very up-tempo offense that will put big numbers up on the scoreboard with McGowan playing the role of possession receiver on third downs and in the red zones.

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