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Bengals QB Andy Dalton ‘Hopeful’ Cast Comes Off On Monday

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The Cincinnati Bengals were dealt a severe blow a few weeks ago after learning quarterback Andy Dalton had suffered a thumb injury that would jeopardize the rest of his season. The consensus is Dalton will miss the remainder of the season and subsequent playoff run for the Bengals due to the thumb injury.

With the playoffs looming for the Bengals, Dalton may receive some good news after the conclusion of the regular season. Dalton hopes to have his cast removed on Monday via ESPN:

“They said everything’s going in the right direction and everything’s healing how it should,” Dalton said. “So I’m hopeful that I will soon get out of this.”

In the meantime, the Bengals will conduct business as usual by heading into Week 17 against the division rival Baltimore Ravens with AJ McCarron as their starting quarterback. Although McCarron has proven to be a formidable backup, the Bengals have struggled to finish out the season losing four of their last seven games.

Since becoming the starter due to the Dalton injury, McCarron has won only one of the last three games. Obviously, despite McCarron being a decent backup, there’s cause for concern in Cincinnati, especially with the team’s struggle in the playoffs over the last few years.

Heading into Week 17 against the Ravens, the Bengals are heavy favorites with a -9.5 point spread via Baltimore has been awful this year and hit with multiple season-ending injuries that have completely shattered hopes of being playoff bound.

Although the Bengals are clearly the better team coming into this matchup of AFC North division rivals, Baltimore may give them a run for their money on their home field on Sunday. Cincinnati should get the win when it is all said and done, but the spread may be a bit high. Taking the Ravens at +9.5 is the safe bet here.

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