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Best San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Prop Bets

The Super Bowl is one of the most glorious events in all of American sports, and one of the biggest gambling days to boot. One of the most popular forms of Super Bowl betting is prop bets. Every year, there is a slew of proposition bets set for just about everything in the Super Bowl, from betting on the coin toss to the length of the national anthem to the Super Bowl MVP. They’re a fun, if not always logical, way to bet on the biggest game of the football season. Here are some of this year’s best bets for the San Francisco 49ers.

Will Aldon Smith record a sack? (Yes is +110, No is -130)

Aldon Smith was one of the most explosive pass rushers in football this season, recording 19.5 sacks on the year. However, he didn’t get any in the last five games he played. Justin Smith, the other star pass rusher on the 49ers defense, is superb at tying up offensive lineman and opening huge holes for Aldon Smith to rush through and exploit, and once Justin Smith had to sit out with an injury, Aldon Smith virtually disappeared from the 49ers’ defensive box score. However, Justin Smith is back, and regaining a little bit more of his effectiveness each week he plays. Aldon Smith has been on a mini sack drought without Justin Smith clearing the lane for him, but I anticipate him getting at least one sack in this game. It just seems like he’s due for one.

Will Colin Kaepernick have 100 rushing yards AND 300 passing yards? (Yes is +1000, No is -1500)

This is admittedly a crazy bet, but it’s a fun one. If you really love Kaepernick in this game, then why not put down a few bucks on him to have a huge day? For as much hype as the Baltimore defense has gotten the past few weeks, the truth is that they’re extremely mortal, and can easily be had by an athletic quarterback like Kaepernick. However, the Falcons showed last week that it’s pretty easy to take away the read option run from the quarterback if you diligently apply yourself to stopping it, so I wouldn’t expect Kaepernick to go over 100 yards rushing again; he did it against the Packers, but for the rest of this season he wasn’t nearly as successful. But if you’re high on his ability and you think he can exploit this old Baltimore defense, bet on him to go off.

Will Alex Smith take a snap from center? (Yes is +500, No is -700)

This bet, for all intents and purposes, is the opposite of the last bet I mentioned. If you think Alex Smith takes a snap from center in this game, you’re essentially betting on Kaepernick to get injured here. As a rushing quarterback, it isn’t entirely out of the question. While Baltimore’s defense is rather mortal, they do hit incredibly hard, and it isn’t that far fetched that Kaepernick could be knocked out of this game on a run. We really don’t have a big sample size on Kaepernick’s durability yet, so if you think that Baltimore’s hard-hitting D will be gunning for him, it might be wise to take a flier on Smith getting a snap in this game.

Longest Touchdown of the Game (45.5 yards Over/Under)

Both the 49ers and Ravens have big play threats. Frank Gore, Vernon Davis or Michael Crabtree are al realistic options here to bust out a 50+ yard touchdown play. Even Kaepernick himself could scamper for that yardage on an option run.


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