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Big Names In Free Agency, Where Will They Land?

This year’s free agency is packed with huge stars. Carmello Anthony, Kyle Lowry,  and of course, the king himself, LeBron James are all testing the waters to see what gets offered up. Here is a breakdown of where these big time players are most likely to land.

Carmelo Anthony – Chicago Bulls


‘Melo in the free agency has caused a lot of waves, but the superstar may end up just staying in New York. The big pro for the him remaining a Knick is his family.  In an interview last month he said he was worried about relocating his family and his child to have to go to a new school.

But the odds for the special prop betting for where Anthony will land are 4/5 for Chicago. If he makes the decision based on basketball, the Chicago Bulls is where he will go. The Bulls need a shooter, Anthony wants to win a title now and the Bulls have all the tools to do that with Anthony on board. It is a perfect marriage.

Kyle Lowry – Toronto Raptors

Kyle Lowry had a breakout year with the Toronto Raptors this year and is heading to free agency because he now knows he is worth some big money, but expect him to make that money in Toronto.

Lowry and Demar DeRozan are one heck of a duo with a lot of chemistry with each other on the court. This relationship is still young and the Raptors will only continue to get batter and Lowy seems to love playing for the Raptors in interviews. So, he has a contending team, loves his teammates the city he plays for and will get a raise for staying, why would he leave?

Lebron James – Miami Heat

King James is not going anywhere. The odds are with that prediction.

James’ move to free agency is to allow the Miami Heat to upgrade their roster, so they can beat a team like the Indiana Pacers or the Chicago Bulls (with ‘Melo).  The Heat nabbed a great pick in the draft, expect them to make plays from free agents like Luol Deng to continue to improve the roster.  Once James sees that the Heat are doing things to improve, he will re-sign with Miami because that is the squad he has the best chance at winning a title with.

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