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Blackhawks Wins Finally Shift Hockey Futures

The Chicago Blackhawks are on fire at the moment and their string of wins have finally translated into a big shift in the hockey futures.

The Blackhawks sunk in the NHL futures a bit until a big hot streak has turned things around. Chicago now has the second best odds in the NHL behind only the Washington Capitals.

You can check out the full odds below or bet here.

Hockey Futures

Washington Capitals9/2
Chicago Blackhawks11/2
Minnesota Wild6/1
Pittsburgh Penguins7/1
Columbus Blue Jackets15/2
Montreal Canadiens12/1
New York Rangers14/1
San Jose Sharks15/1
Ottawa Senators18/1
Boston Bruins20/1
Calgary Flames20/1
Anaheim Ducks22/1
Edmonton Oilers22/1
Nashville Predators30/1
St. Louis Blues30/1
Tampa Bay Lightning45/1
Toronto Maple Leafs45/1
Los Angeles Kings50/1
New York Islanders50/1
Carolina Hurricanes200/1
Florida Panthers200/1
Philadelphia Flyers200/1
Winnipeg Jets500/1

Eastern Conference Odds

Washington Capitals5/2
Pittsburgh Penguins3/1
Columbus Blue Jackets7/2
Montreal Canadiens6/1
New York Rangers7/1
Ottawa Senators10/1
Boston Bruins12/1
New York Islanders25/1
Tampa Bay Lightning25/1
Toronto Maple Leafs25/1
Carolina Hurricanes100/1
Florida Panthers100/1
Philadelphia Flyers100/1

Western Conference Odds

Chicago Blackhawks7/4
Minnesota Wild2/1
San Jose Sharks11/2
Anaheim Ducks9/1
Calgary Flames9/1
Edmonton Oilers9/1
St. Louis Blues14/1
Nashville Predators15/1
Los Angeles Kings25/1
Winnipeg Jets250/1
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