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Blake Cashman Says JJ McCarthy ‘Gonna Be A Great Player’

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Blake Cashman says rookie quarterback JJ McCarthy is a ‘promising’ talent with great long ball ability.

Blake Cashman played with Zach Wilson on the Jets and C.J Stroud on the Texans. He now finds himself a Viking, getting to know another promising young signal caller.

According to Blake Cashman, McCarthy’s ability to pass the ball through tight windows hints at elite potential. 


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JJ McCarthy was drafted 10th overall in the draft with Minnesota trading up to acquire him. He doesn’t have the pressure of starting right away thanks to the presence of Sam Darnold.

“[He’s] 21 years old, but a great young man,” Cashman said.

“He’s a leader. He’s eager to learn.

“A lot of young guys, sometimes they can come in, be a little timid or shy, but he’s walking around the locker room, big smile on his face, shaking hands, getting to know everybody.

“I didn’t know much about his game before,” Cashman said. “I knew he was an outstanding quarterback. Winning followed him at Michigan. But I didn’t realize how much heat he can put on the ball.


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“He’s got a great long ball. And even those tight windows, where it closes fast at the next level, he can zip the ball past a linebacker or safety’s head and squeeze it in those tight windows. That’s very promising to see.

“He’s gonna be a great player for a long time, and I can’t wait to continue to see his growth,” Cashman said. “Not only as a quarterback with his skills, but also becoming an even smarter player.”

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