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Both Teams to wear Home Uniforms on Thursday Night Football


In yet another example of the NFL trying to fix something that isn’t broken, it has been announced that both the home and away teams will wear their primary color uniforms on Thursday Night Football matchups in 2015.

The change is a mostly useless one, except for the fact that some team colors may not contrast so well on TV.

This could lead to some potentially confusing moments, especially while opposing lineman scuffle in the trenches, or wide receivers and cornerbacks get tied up fighting for a high ball.

In a formal presentation, Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy mentioned that Thursday night games will feature “color on color”, making many wonder why such an insignificant but flawed change would be enacted.

Is the NFL Network trying to give itself a point of difference in its broadcasting? Surely there’s a better way to achieve that than messing with team uniforms.

Contests like Broncos-Chiefs, Steelers-Ravens and particularly Browns-Bengals feature teams without contrasting colors, so hopefully some common sense will prevail and those teams will be given to option to wear their whites where necessary.

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