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Brady A Favorite To Be Suspended

Earlier in the week it was not clear what sort of punishments would be dealt out after a report said that the New England Patriots, more specifically, Tom Brady, knew that the footballs used by the Pats in the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. Today things are a bit more clear.

It is being reported by NBC that the Patriots are preparing for a lengthy suspension of Brady with some sources saying they expected him to be suspended for up to eight games.

Brady would likely appeal any suspension given to him or seek a reduced suspension, however, losing Brady at all would greatly effect the Patriots and sports betting.

The sportsbooks have began to respond accordingly with some special prop bets. Bovada has listed the following odds for betting:

Will Tom Brady be suspended for at least 1 game in the 2015 Regular Season as a result of Deflategate?             

Yes                                                                         -500

No                                                                          +300

Will Tom Brady be suspended for the entire 2015 Regular Season as a result of Deflategate?    

Yes                                                                         +1000

No                                                                          -2000

Total games Tom Brady will be suspended for in the 2015 Regular Season as a result of Deflategate? 

Over                                                                                      3 (+150)

Under                                                                                   3 (-200)

A quick study of the odds show that Brady is a favorite to be suspended, while an OVER/UNDER set at 3 with the moneyline for the UNDER set at -200 shows the books do not think he will be suspended for long.

All of this stems from an investigation led by Ted Wells that found “it is more probable than not that Tom Brady was at least generally aware.”

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