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Brandon Staley: ‘Everyone Is Going To Have To Elevate Their Game’

Los Angeles Chargers head coach Brandon Staley has identified rookie Quentin Johnston as the salve to their injury woes.

The Chargers have lost WR Mike Williams for the season in what’s becoming a familiar injury story for the team.

Brandon Staley says the Chargers have more depth this time around, and reiterated their belief in Quentin Johnston.

Quentin Johnson was drafted with the 21st pick in 2023 and stands at 6-foot-4 and 215 pounds. He’s seen limited reps so far, but that’s about to change according to Brandon Staley.


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“We believe in the ability of this guy and we believe in the make-up of this guy,” he said. 

“Now, he is going to get a bigger opportunity because there are going to be more opportunities available for him. It’s a great chance for him to step up, and for everyone around him, too, as well. This is going to be an important transition for us, offensively.

“We drafted Quentin with the belief in the player. A long-term vision. Now, he’s going to get a bigger opportunity. Now, you’re going to get to see more of him.

“All he needs to continue to do is do what he’s done ever since he’s been here, which is to continue to make progress on the field. Over time, he’s going to make more and more plays for us. We’re really happy with him and he’s going to get to shine in a bigger way now.”


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“Everyone is going to have to elevate their game,” Staley said. “We have a lot of good options on our team — obviously, Quentin, being the first guy that is going to emerge in a bigger role. We have Derius Davis, who has continued to develop. That fifth [WR] spot is to be determined, but we know what we have in Josh and Keenan, those guys were fantastic [Sunday] in the game.

“You guys all saw what Josh did last year when both Keenan and Mike were down. Everyone is going to have to elevate their game, and it’s not just the receiving group, it’s going to be that tight end group and running back group, as well. We’re going to have to work through those adjustments here during the week to get ready for the Raiders.”

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