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Brandon Staley Taking It ‘One Week At A Time’

Los Angeles Chargers head coach Brandon Staley isn’t resting on his laurels yet, although his team has come to life.

Defensive woes plagued their first seven games of the season. However, they have only conceded 19 points in their last two games. As well as that, they’ve won both of those games by double digits.

Brandon Staley says the run game and the defense has been key in getting back to .500 and 4 – 4.


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“I think that it’s getting closer. Probably, for us, we’ve been healthy and we have the right combination of people out there,” Brandon Staley said.

“That helps you, I think, play to your level. What I’ve seen, the last two weeks specifically, is just us playing with the right energy from the first whistle to the last one. I just think that in all three levels of the defense, we’ve played consistent football.

“We’ve done the things that winning defenses do, starting with the run game, and how you rush the quarterback, how you defend in the passing game, keeping the ball in front of you. Then, we’ve turned the football over. We’ve been able to get the takeaways consistently, really, throughout the season, but the last two weeks. 

“Then, situationally, I think that we’ve been sharp. I think we’ve been on it. We’re just at the beginning. This group continues to improve. Just one week at a time for this group, but we’ve made improvement.”


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“To me, I think our formula has been in the run game. When we get people in the known-pass, and then we get the lead,” Staley said. “I think in both games we’ve had a two-score lead in the first half, and that allows you to have more opportunities to rush.

… “I think any defensive coach will tell you, if you have good pass rushers, the more opportunities you can get for them to rush, the more that they’re going to capitalize on those opportunities. Then, I think in the secondary, in the back seven, we’ve just been really sound. Our guys have played together. That’s a formula that we have to keep moving forward, just making sure that we’re connected in the back seven.”

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