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Brett Favre Celebrated in Green Bay, Inducted Into Packers Hall of Fame

Image via Zimbio

Image via Zimbio

Any residual anger remaining among football fans in Green Bay over the ugly exit of Brett Favre in 2008 seems to have finally dissipated. This weekend the Gunslinger returned to Lambeau Field, where over 67,000 Packers fans gave him a hero’s welcome.

For Favre, the chants of “M-V-P!” were a decidedly different experience than the chorus of boos that rained down upon him when he returned twice previously, as quarterback for the division rival Vikings. After one season with the Jets, Favre’s decision to sign with Minnesota seemed designed to needle Packers Nation.

It’s been eight years since he played his last home games in Green Bay, and five years since he played at all, but it certainly doesn’t feel like that much time has passed. “It was like I never left,” Favre said of his much-heralded homecoming to Lambeau Field on Saturday. “It was a great feeling.”

With the team hyping #FavreWeek heavily on social media, tickets for the event sold out in 90 minutes. In addition to being inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame, Favre’s No. 4 was retired. He joins Tony Canadeo (3), Don Hutson (14), Ray Nitschke (66) and Reggie White (92), the only other Packers players to have their numbers retired.

Among those on hand to honor Favre were former general manager Ron Wolf and former team president Bob Harlan, both of whom singled No. 4 out as the “best player” in franchise history. The magnitude of the moment—the prodigal son finally returning home—certainly wasn’t lost on the man of the hour.

“What a way to show that you’re welcomed back to the family—just what an honor,” Favre said. “And I’ll be honest with you, I mean no disrespect by this, I am more honored by that than the Hall of Fame induction in itself. I think that is such a tribute to the fans, and that’s why Green Bay is Green Bay. Simple as that.”

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