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Brian Daboll Undeterred By Leading Giants In The Playoffs

New York Giants coach Brian Daboll isn’t putting too much stock in ‘playoff experience’ ahead of Sunday’s Vikings game. 

While the Giants players don’t have postseason pedigree, Brian Daboll and the coaching staff do. 

“We have multiple coaches that coached in a Super Bowl, that have been part of a Super Bowl, been part of runs,” Saquon Barkley said. “We’re definitely going to need their experience and their coaching ability to help us go where we want to go.”

Brian Daboll won five Super Bowls as an assistant with the New England Patriots.


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He reached the postseason in each of the past three seasons as an offensive coordinator for the Bills. As well as that, he worked with Nick Saban at Alabama where he won a college national championship. 

He is supported by DC Wink Martindale who won the Super Bowl with the Ravens and OC Mike Kafka who won with the Chiefs. Special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey actually won with the Giants in 2007.

“I think really what you make out of it is the experience is probably overrated, to be honest with you,” Daboll said Monday.

 “It’s how you prepare, how you practice and ultimately how you play the game and coach the game on whatever day it is.”


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“I’ve been around a lot of different teams that have had varying levels of experience — some a lot, some a little, some not much,” Daboll said. “I think really, what matters is taking advantage of your opportunities when they come and playing a good football game and coaching a good football game. But I really think it’s an overrated thing.

“I’ve been in so many different situations,” Daboll said. “The first year that I was part of a Super Bowl, the quarterback didn’t have any playoff experience there at New England. Some of the guys did. Some didn’t. We had some experience at Buffalo; we lost.”

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