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Broncos Cement Their Spot Atop The AFC West

The Denver Broncos defeated the only team in their division that had a shot at dethroning them from an AFC West championship, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Denver convincingly won the game 29-16.

The Chiefs need to beat the Broncos to tie for the top spot. Instead the Broncos went up two games over the Chiefs, cementing their spot as the AFC West’s top team.

The Chiefs were underdogs this season. Ranked low in the opening future odds and expected to be entering a rebuilding stage, the Chiefs surpassed expectations. However, with two straight losses to division rivals the Chiefs are now looking at a Wildcard-run at the playoffs at best.

The Chiefs still have a lot of work to do and fans should be more excited about next season than this season.

Meanwhile, the Broncos are again looking like the best team in the NFL, despite having racked up three losses.

Over the last two games, the Broncos have worked some of the kinks out of their offense by deciding to rely upon the run just as much as the pass game and the result has been easy victories for the Broncos.

This is a very different offense that lost to the Seattle Seahawks. Manning was still relying too much on the pass even in their recent losses to the St. Louis Rams and New England Patriots.

The Patriots, though still remain the Broncos biggest threat and most are expecting to see Manning versus Brady for the AFC title come playoff time.

With this win the Broncos are back with the third best odds in the NFL of winning it all, while the Chiefs have fallen to 50/1 odds.

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