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Broncos QB Future Uncertain While Wilson Still Under Contract

The Denver Broncos and quarterback Russell Wilson are set to part ways before the start of the season.

Neither head coach Sean Payton nor general manager George Paton have confirmed this. However, their comments make it abundantly clear the organization is looking for a new quarterback. 

The reason? Wilson has a $37 million injury guarantee that comes into effect on the fifth day of a new league year.


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Releasing Wilson is the financially prudent decision to make. What is less clear is who the Broncos will bring in to replace him.

“We better (find the solution),” Sean Payton said. “The question was finding the solution at quarterback in this league, which is obviously very competitive within our division. I think it’s vital. I saw this humorous meme the other day where there’s a Broncos fan with a shirt on and there’s like eight quarterbacks names crossed through it and he’s drinking the quarterback Kool-Aid. Our job is to make sure that this next one doesn’t have a line through it.”

“We want to see the entire landscape,” George Paton said. 

“We had to get through our draft meetings. Had to get through our free-agent meetings, and evaluate with what we have. We just want to get through this process.”


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“Sean needs to see all these quarterbacks. The coaches need to see all these quarterbacks until we make an informed decision.

“You’d really have to love someone (to trade up),” he said. “To move up to (No.) 1, I don’t think we have the draft capital to do that. We’re open to anything, but that would be hard to move up to No. 1, realistically.”

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