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Broncos’ Ward Weighs In On Steelers’ Hot Streak

A potential Game of the Year candidate could unfold on Sunday afternoon in Pittsburgh between the red-hot Steelers and a Broncos outfit hungry for a rebound victory. Ahead of their clash, Denver safety T.J. Ward gave reporters some choice words about the flourishing Steelers offense.

“They’re hot because they haven’t played us yet,” Ward told the Denver Post. “A lot of teams were hot before they played us.”

It’s not hard to discern who are the “us” that Ward is referring to. It’s certainly not the Denver offense, which has led the league in three-and-outs since making the quarterback change from old, battered, turnover machine Peyton Manning to the inexperienced and often times overwhelmed Brock Osweiler.

The Denver D, on the other hand, continues to terrorize the NFL. Ward and company still boast the best scoring defense in the league, along with 44 sacks in 13 games, many of which can be attributed to the superb coverage of their secondary, forcing the quarterback to hold the ball until his offensive line concedes to the pass rush.

It all makes for an intriguing chess match this Sunday, pitting Ben Roethlisberger – who has made a living out of extending plays – against a front seven out for blood. To make matters worse, DeMarcus Ware was listed as a full participant at Broncos practice today, likely giving Big Ben one more threat to keep an eye on this week.

The truth of Ward’s comments remains to be seen, but two can play at that game.

Last week, Denver’s O-line was single-handedly embarrassed by one Khalil Mack. Osweiler was brutalized; his offense kept scoreless in the second half and out of the endzone all afternoon. Pittsburgh’s defense is no Steel Curtain, but the unit has made a habit of generating sacks and turnovers at the most opportune moments. No matter who wins, it will be the play of the defense that decides this one.

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