Dez Bryant, Cowboys
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Browns lowball Dez Bryant, who leaves town without a deal

Dez Bryant, Cowboys

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Dez Bryant left Cleveland last week without making a deal with the Browns, and now we have an understanding of why that might be.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Bryant was offered a deal worth under $5 million in base pay. Not surprisingly, Florio also reports Bryant is not interested in doing a deal with Cleveland right now, and that he could be waiting for a deal with another club, or for the Browns to raise the ante.

Some have suggested that the New England Patriots are interested in Bryant, and we know from his own activities on social media that Bryant is thinking about them. However, the Patriots have reportedly made it clear that he’s not in their plans, even after they cut Kenny Britt.

Bryant doesn’t need to sign with a team immediately. He could continue wait for an opening to show up, sit out until the last minute and still likely land a deal.

However, the time he’s missing right now with a new team, in a new system, limits his potential effectiveness when he does land in a new city, which in turn could also impact his bottom line.

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