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Bryce Young Backed To Rebound By Adam Thielen

Quarterback Bryce Young can bounce back from a lackluster first season, according to Carolina Panthers teammate wide receiver Adam Thielen.

The Panthers put all their eggs in the Bryce Young basket to draft the Alabama product No.1 overall in 2023. However, he was unable to thrive in his rookie season.

Adam Thielen says circumstances conspired against Bryce Young in his first NFL season. With the hiring of head coach Dave Canales and several big player recruits, he should find it easier next season.


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The signing of WR Dionte Johnson will give Young a veteran target other than Thielen. As well as that, new guards Robert Hunt and Damien Lewis should make the team more secure.

Adam Thielen says Young has the maturity to make the most of a ‘fresh start’ in 2024.

“Yeah, well, I’ll say this: I mean, I think everything was stacked against him last year, unfortunately,” Thielen said. 

“And I’m not gonna get into detail as to why that was, but I’m just really excited for him to have a fresh start, an ability to have a good coaching staff that’s gonna put a good plan together to help him be successful, and also to put people around him to help him be successful.”

“So with that being said, I think what he really showed is his maturity over the year,” Thielen said. “I think his ability at times to just be very honest in front of the room and say, ‘Hey, this is what I’m not doing very well and this is what I need to get better at and please hold me accountable,’ I thought was really impressive for a young guy.”


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“His maturity level over the season was really cool to see. And his ability to handle adversity. I don’t know how much adversity Bryce has had over his football career, and to handle the amount of adversity he did, to show up every week, week in, week out, put his head down and work, try to lead to the best of his ability was really impressive, and what makes me excited about Year 2 with him.”

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