Tom Brady, Buccaneers

Bucs Frustration Palpable After Blowing It Against Packers

Bucs head coach Todd Bowles says talent has nothing to do with the outcome of Sunday’s defeat to Green Bay.

The Bus looked set to win with 18 seconds remaining when a two point conversion would have resulted in overtime.

Instead, they didn’t get set, took a delay of game penalty and an incomplete pass to Gage saw them lose.

The 14-12 loss to the Packers was emblematic of a Bucs offense that hasn’t clicked yet all season.


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Tampa Bay has scored only three touchdowns in three games this season. It’s a trend that leaves Tom Brady sounding apathetic and Todd Bowles sounding angry.

“We’re not running as good as we’re capable, that passing game hasn’t been very good,” Brady said.

“We can be tough and we can fight but that’s not going to win us the game,” he said. “We have to be cleaner.”


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“We didn’t have to have those guys to win this ballgame,” said Todd Bowles. “We just had to play smarter. The guys had chances to win this game. We shot ourselves in the foot. Talent had nothing to do with the way we shot ourselves in the foot.”

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