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Buddy Baker Loses Parents to Covid-19, Urges Public to Change

As the NFL continues to insist that it’s regular season will be unaffected, Covid-19 has hit it close to home. NFL agent Buddy Baker lost both of his parents within 6 minutes of each other on Sunday due to Covid-19.

Buddy Baker posted a video to social media on Tuesday pleading with the public to take all necessary precautions. 

Buddy Baker says that his parents were both in perfect health before contracting the virus. His heartfelt message urges the public to radically change their daily lives in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 


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“We live in a world of ‘it can’t happen to me,’ ‘it can’t happen to us,’ ‘ can’t happen to my family,'” Baker said. 

“Well, it happened to us.”

Baker represents the Griffin brothers in Seattle, Patrick Ricard of the Ravens, Sheldon Rankins of the Saints and Terry McLaurin of the Redskins.

He ended his video by reminding people to practice social distancing and to wash their hands regularly.

“We’d like to take this time to make people start thinking about making a change. While the CDC and all the regulatory bodies make suggestions of what we should do, I’m not sure everyone really understands the importance of it. Hopefully, this can be a catalyst for a change.”


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The number of coronavirus deaths in the United States has exceeded 3,700, which is more than China.

Meanwhile, the league is determined that the 2020 season will commence without delay in September. 

“We’re optimistic that just as we expect conditions in the United States to permit playing a full season that that will be the case for our international partners as well,” said executive vice president Jeff Pash. 

“But obviously that’s something that we will have to work closely with the authorities, public health and other government authorities in those other countries to make sure that it’s entirely safe.”

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