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Bulls Going To Have Huge Season

Of course, the big headline grabber will always be LeBron James. If he misses throwing paper away in a trashcan their is a media storm to go along with it. This summer, though, James was in the headlines for all the right reasons.  He was returning home to Cleveland. However, one team has been rivaling LBJ with headlines this past week and that is the Chicago Bulls.

Yea, knocking LBJ out of the summer basketball headlines is not exactly the first turn on the route to a championship, but make no mistake this Bulls squad is on the path to a championship.

Think about what the Bulls looked like last season. Derrick Rose was out for the majority of the season, Luol Deng was injured and the team rested on the likes of Jokim Noah, Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler. In fact, Bulls management were less than discreet about their attempts to tank their team. However, the Bulls managed to win 48 games and make it to the first round of the playoffs. Joakim Noah even picked up Defensive Player of the Year honors off of 2.6 points, 11.3 rebounds, 5.4 assists, 1.5 blocks and 1.2 steals per game.

If Noah is even as half as good as he was this past year this season with the return of Rose, team’s in the East were in for it.  This is team that not only has the best defense, but they will again have offensive powerhouse Rose to lead them this season. If the way he has been playing over at FIBA is any indication, he is going to be better than ever.

Not to mention all the depth the Bulls have with Gibson acting as a sixth man and Butler (considering the way he stepped up) as a seventh man.

The Bulls just did not settle for what was likely going to be a contending team. They decided to get even more help. After attempting to woo Carmelo Anthony, they went with the more sensible and better fitting option in Pau Gasol.

Gasol is coming off the best season of his career and adding an assist machine and post scorer like Gasol is going to open up some much more, offensively for Chicago.

Also, there are no more “sure things” in the NBA Eastern Conference. The Indiana Pacers let Lance Stephenson head to free agency and Paul George was recently injured. The Miami Heat are now LeBron James-less. Lastly, the Cleveland Cavs are still a bit of a question mark as to how James will mesh with the team.

The Eastern Conference is the Bulls for the taking.

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